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Somewhere between romance and depression, where extreme emotions meet, you’ll find CELIIN's vintage heart and modern spirit. Inspired by a broad range of artists from BANKS to Lana Del Rey to Nothing But Thieves, CELIIN combines alternative pop music with dark melancholic plotlines. Searching for the balance between beauty and macabre, the enigmatic Norwegian artist is ready to share her diary pages and introduce you to filthy glamour.

By fall 2021 CELIIN suggest the beginning of a new era and a circus that is ready to unveil. With the release of «Manchester», CELIIN gives us a seductive panache, metal-esque drum sounds and surf-rock/60’s western guitar strums. With vampy lyrics and a french flare it looks like CELIIN is moving back towards her heavy roots - an appropriate development from the up and coming Norwegian. This «pop’n’roll» doll has made it her niche to be elegant and sophisticated, yet raw and outspoken. With her laid-back yet glamorous appearance, this buzzing storyteller seems to be an interesting character to follow in the time to come. Let her seduce you with hot’n’heavy strings as she portrays cinematic pop rock through macabre retro-glam.

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