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Welcome, special one

Since you found him, let me tell you a little something about my first love letter, the one for Leonardo:

My first love letter is written in frustration and a feeling of solitude. Leonardo is this  clever, talented, beautiful - and therefore ambitious - man. At some point I found myself devaluing myself and I saw him as bigger than me. It felt like he didn't see me, cause all he cared about was his own stuff. I had to find a way of telling him, and so I spent 7 days by the piano in my bed. I fine-tuned the lyrics and melodies to the point where they hurt to sing and made sense to him. 


The song "Leonardo" will be out

                  October 18th,

but since you found him before everybody else I'm want to give you the opportunity to PRE-SAVE the song before everybody else:


I think we all have a Leonardo.

To be continued...

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