A love letter for Marilyn

“If beautiful things don’t ask for attention, why do I feel the need to scream…?” 



"You have no idea how many times we went back and forth with this song. Marilyn was actually written in 2019, but I never managed to settle with the production. Some of my friends and family, my mom in particular, insisted that this song didn’t need that many elements. I was torn between the versions until I finally realized I couldn’t choose and I would have to release them both."

The idea to show Marilyn fully dressed at first then strip her naked later seemed natural."


- Celiin

This line from the lyrics of Celiin’s third single “Marilyn” sums up the defenseless message pretty well. In a soul searching, heartbreaking tone the enigmatic storyteller comes to us with her secret obsession of self-destructive beauty. The “love letter” plays out as a dramatic and orchestrated alt-pop ballad, with Celiin's teary vocals creating a kind but clear whipping to her own mindset. A perfect finish to the trilogy “First of the love letters”, containing her previous singles “Leonardo” and “Nasty Human”.

“This song is not a promise of solving the issue, as a matter of fact, it’s very much alive in my body, still. But this is an attempt to reach my inner Marilyn, the one who is beautiful for so many reasons, and fucking shake her until she manages to stop these damaging patterns.”

“I’m sure a lot of people can relate to the feeling of never living up to ideals, but even as the media focuses on it, I still feel it’s kind of taboo to admit being affected by it…”