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♦︎♦︎ | To all my posing ladies: "French Lilies" [fleurs de lis]
A sexy song about bad sex.  


♦︎♦︎ | Do I dare to tell you, 

how it really feels?

Lilies cut-4.jpg

«French Lilies» is a song about pushing one’s sexual boundaries to the point of self-destruction, leaving the narrator with a broken body and soul. 

The lyrics’ POV are from someone in the midst of a sexual act: With an empty gaze they’re staring into the ceiling - using the beautiful ornamentation in the stuccos - i.e. the french lilies - to ignore the physical og psychological pain they are pushing their body through. A passive poser giving all of themselves to please - only to be left with long term pain and trauma. 


With «French Lilies» Celiin is giving a refreshing, important and personal view on how vulnerable our sexuality can be - pleading all listeners to consider their own patterns and raise awareness around the female health issue «vulvodynia».

Pssst... If you‘'Manchester' hard enough without awareness, you might turn your drenched lily into a French lily...

"French Lilies" is out september 29th. 

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