Single #2, bring the nasty ...


Nasty Human 

“Nasty Human” is the second single in a string of “love letters” from CELIIN’s filthy glamour universe. Though her first single (addressed to “Leonardo”) showcased her vulnerable, romantic side, CELIIN takes a more introspective approach with “Nasty Human”.


CELIIN delves deep beyond the surface exposing a characteristic every human has: the nasty. She describes the narrative as a ‘love letter to the anxious’, and poses the question her listeners: “Tell me darling, how long you been hiding in this Nasty Human?”. CELIIN’s honest vocals cut across an arrangement that sits the space between the electronic and the organic to form her own brand of Alt-Pop.

I'm a retro kind of gal but ofc. Nasty Human is available on all streaming platforms

“Musically I wanted to capture the fear of getting caught and you’re dirty secret being exposed. The tension. The anxiety. The guilt. Everyone has a nasty side. But all the word’s a stage, so we hide it.” - CELIIN