Let me introduce you to Leonardo, the receiver of the first love letter...

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“Leonardo” is the first peep through the keyhole into CELIIN’s universe and an invitation to meet her emotional mess. Like a grandiose love letter, she serves up her loneliness on a gold (never silver) platter, forever waiting on Leonardo’s response. Intricate melodies cut across hard hitting drums and a carefully orchestrated arrangement to form a performance which is both raw and vulnerable. Leonardo’s character represents a complex, unattainable and unreciprocated longing for another human being.


  We all have a Leonardo…


"I found myself forgetting my own value, as ‘Leonardo’ grew bigger on me. I finally had to realize that I was losing some of my own power.

I had to find a way of telling him that I was there."


"As painful as it is to admit,

       «Leonardo» is a vulnerable cry for attention."

To be continued...